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    Win2k3 Unexpected Shutdowns


    by bwilling ·

    We recently took our BDC (win2k3 standard) and made it a PDC for it’s own forrest. We then added a new hd – Maxtor ata 120. The system now unexpectedly reboots or shutsdown. (Almost like hibernation). I’ve made sure that power options are set to never, do not allow any devices to put system to sleep, etc. I’ve scanned for virus’, checked hardware/software conflicts, I’ve even removed the 120 hd, the problem persists.

    Any ideas?

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      Win2k3 Unexpected Shutdowns

      by h.brens ·

      In reply to Win2k3 Unexpected Shutdowns

      Hi there,
      Although you ran your AV software, this problem looks like a bois virus (which works similar as the blaster virus). What kind of AV software do you use? I’ve had similar problems and McAfee and Norton could’nt find anything. Than I started the machine with Panda AV software… Problem solved!

      Hopefully it works…



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