WIN32 System Corruption

By andrea ·
My computer has a virus and it only goes into the repair function, but I don't have a restore disk. I tried to put it in safe mode to access the internet to download some software to get rid of the virus, but it won't let me access nothing on my PC. I only come back to the r option to repair. What can I do to clean off this virus without erasing my current files. Please help and I need specfic details. It stated missing driver at first, now it states WIN32 Systel error or corruption...


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Nothing without a Install/Recovery CD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WIN32 System Corruption

However if you have some form of XP installed you can use any XP Disc of the same type so if you have XP Home any XP Home CD will do the job with your Product Key. The same applies to XP Pro any version of Pro will do to do a repair install.

If you have something different though you'll need the original CD to work off or at the very least if this is a box from a major maker a copy of their slipstreamed Recovery CD. If you have one of the Brand Name Boxes you can always purchase a replacement Recovery CD from the makers but you'll need to provide the Model Number & Serial Number to get the correct version of the slipstreamed CD.

If you know the exact corrupt files and have a system that is identical you can use a Live Linux to copy across the corrupted files and overwrite the damaged ones but this will be time consuming and possibly a fruitless exercises as the infection will only take them out on the next reboot.

BTW Never Try to connect to the Internet while in Safe Mode as that will almost certainly cause several infections that will be impossible to remove because you don't have the necessary Drivers or Programs running to keep the computer safe.

By the sounds of your question you have a copy of some form of XP installed so here is the proper way to repair the damaged installation.

If you can not beg, Borrow a install CD and don't want to buy one your only alternative from there is to take the computer to a repair shop and gt them to reinstall the OS and program files if you have data that you simply must save use Knoppix available to download from here

and copy all your data files to some suitable media along with any encryption key if you have encrypted the files.

The above will give you the directions on how to recover the encryption keys if applicable. Save the data to removable media and scan it before installing it onto another Windows based computer.


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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to WIN32 System Corruption

Buy a copy of windows xp and a good antivirus

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