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Win7 32 & 64 "Not Responding" errors

By soccoach ·
I have been having many issues with Windows 7 Premium Home 64 bit. I continually get ?Not Responding? errors which completely locks up my computer.
I have run all the Malware programs, Anti-virus, C-Cleaner, and many more to try to resolve this thinking I may have been hijacked. Nothing found.
I changed from McAfee to Norton, no change.
I uploaded and installed the most recent drivers, no change.
I have tested my memory, hard drives, and components, they all pass.
I have disabled non-essential services, no help.
When this happens I have to force the computer to shut down by pushing the power button. Then I push F8 and select ?Last Known Good Configuration? and it will work better, for a while. Then it starts again.
It doesn?t follow a logical order. Sometimes Microsoft products, sometimes Messenger, sometimes on startup. There is no rhyme or reason to it.
I have gone to the web and searched the blogs and I have found that I am definitely not alone. This is a pervasive problem, and what makes it worse, it is not acknowledged by Microsoft as a problem. It appears to be across all versions of Windows 7.
I have worked on computers most of my adult life and have seen this before in other versions. There is a conflict of some kind that I am unable to detect.
I am hoping that Microsoft can resolve this latest problem soon!

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This sounds, to me, like the old Microsoft memory non clearance

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Win7 32 & 64 "Not Respond ...

issue that used to cause so many BSODs. If this is the case, loading a memory management program that regularly clears out the RAM not currently being used when the available RAM gets low, should stop it happening so often.

What ever the issue, watch out for the 'Microsoft just works' crowd as, according to them, no one EVER has an issue like this with any of the versions of Windows, especially the newer versions.

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Many applications had the same problem in vista

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Win7 32 & 64 "Not Respond ...

Much of it was down to the software being in a tight loop or blocking the main thread for a resource, and not responding to a windows message from the operating system.

Every one we saw in our software either required a reengineering, or had to be taken at face value.

Without what, when and what else is happening at the same time (virus scan for instance) why is near impossible to pin down.

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