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Win7 Administrator has non-administrative previleges

By dschweigert ·
I have setup a user on Windows 7 PC and assigned this user to the administrator group. When I attempt to add a system DSN for an ODBC connection I am greeted with the error "You are logged in with non-Administrative privileges. System DNSs could not be creatd or modified." This user is in the administrator grouponthe PC and is also a domain admin. How do I get Administrative Privileges?

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Welcome to Windows 7

by NickNielsen In reply to Win7 Administrator has no ...

I've not yet played with it, but have heard horror stories about administering it. You may have to enable this account:

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yep it's [local machine admin account] turned off by default

by CG IT In reply to Welcome to Windows 7

but standard users typically get power user level rights [on Windows 7 Home editions]. Standard users should be able install and run apps.

What the admin account turned off does is involke UAC on elevated privilege to the system.Remote "hackers" can't elevate privilege and gain control of the computer [inhibits botnets]

It can be enabled but then your back to a wide open machine.

In a domain environment, enterprise or domain admins get full access.

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My take on the situation is that the only people with actual full

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Win7 Administrator has no ...

administrator authority in Win 7 are the Microsoft remote access staff, so they can take over your machine when instructed to by MS HQ,

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by santeewelding In reply to My take on the situation ...

Do you understand what you are saying?

I have 7. You mean, I don't?

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Santee, I admit to be just a little tongue in cheek with the reply, BUT

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Ernest

the actual level of Administrator access you have in Windows 7 seems to vary with the version type of Win 7 you have. I spent most of the last two weeks trying to get a lot of administrative work done on a system with Win 7 Home Premium, I was using the Administrator account, and about half the really deep admin tasks that I do to secure a system in Win Xp and Win 2000 just can NOT be easily done on Win 7 Home Premium as the access to the system controls to do them no longer exist in a way the administrator account can get to them.

This includes the nice bit in Control Panel, Administration Control, System Management where you can view ALL the suer accounts and disable or enable them. I used to just go in and disable the MS remote access accounts, and that made the system a lot more secure - can't do that now. Have to spend half an hour digging down into the Firewall rules and turn a dozen or so rules that relate to incoming remote access from Allow to Block - to stop exterior sources from taking control of the system.

Now, if you have the Win 7 Pro or Ultima version, you may have those administrator controls, but those, and several other key admin controls I regularly use to secure a Win XP system are not accessible in Win 7 Home Premium as they have been either removed or locked out from the Administrator account on the system. Personally, I do NOT see Microsoft removing the controls, but do see them locking them out from local access or visibility.

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Don't get me wrong

by santeewelding In reply to Santee, I admit to be jus ...

I pay rapt attention to your experience and expertise. What you said beforehand gave me a momentary case of the jitters: "Oh?"

I have W7Pro. So far, it bends to my Administrative will in whatever I desire. It had better, or, I wipe it and get my money back ($300USD), a pittance from petty cash.

Just business, you know.

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Yeah, I know, and I hope that Win 7 Pro has a fully active administrator

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Don't get me wrong

account, as I'm sure to be called in to work on it sometime, but it hasn't penetrated here yet, except as Home on new Toshibas and Dells bought by people who are flat chat finding the on buttons - and some of those are now getting tricky, had a couple of new computers I needed a fine screw driver to turn on as the physical switch is so small and I can't turn it one as I keep my nails short. But the way MS are progressively inhibiting the Home systems to make it hard for Non MS trained techs to look after is starting to get a bit annoying. If I had the money, I'd support the React OS team to just get on and finish their XP replacement.

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Dream on

by santeewelding In reply to Yeah, I know, and I hope ...

I, too, am aware of React OS.

I try in my small, uninformed, parochial way to stay on top of things, like, Being.

Does anything you touch, be?

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well, when I get REAL angry and take a hammer to a piece of

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Dream on

computer equipment, it be well and truly messed up (I had another shorter word in mind, but felt the censor software would kill it).

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It is a LOT different and that's so elevated privilege doesn't work.

by CG IT In reply to Santee, I admit to be jus ...

that's one of the reasons XP and W2K were so insecure. With Windows 7, standard users get power user type of access to install and run apps, but elevated privileges won't allow a remote attacker to gain control of the system.

The remote access features can be turned off the "old way" in the system properties. you can also block via the firewall [and not the Network and Sharing Center but actual firewall settings].

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