Win7 does not include Desktop in email attachment search. Is there a fix?

By delta301 ·
My Win7 Ultimate does not include the Desktop folders when searching, only list Favorites, Libraries, Documents, Drives, Network, etc., but not the folders found on Desktop. I store several files in folders on the Desktop especially when I have to refer to them often. Now I can't send them as attachments in emails or search them. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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This is more function of the email client you are using.

Since the client, such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc, store
folder settings in the client options. Anyhow, every email client I have ever used
has a "browse" function to find whatever it is I desire to attach. Not sure if there
is a specific "desktop" setting, I rarely if ever save much to my desktop.

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Reponse To Answer

by delta301 In reply to This is more function of ...

That is the problem; Desktop is not listed in the browse window in Win7 Ultimate in my Hotmail or Windows Live Email or any other program that has a browse drop-down button. Is this some setting I don't know about? How do I correct this? I have an Intel DX58SO mobo with an i7 3.2 Extreme chip, 32bit OS, 4GB DDR3 Memory, SSD drives.

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Add your desktop to the search index

by Kenone In reply to Win7 does not include Des ...

I wouldn't add to much stuff to the index though, it will slow your machine down

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You have to....

by asotelo In reply to Win7 does not include Des ... extra steps... Click on the C: drive, then Users, then you will see your name or the name you are logged in as... and you will see the Desktop and then you will see the folders on it.

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Reponse To Answer

by delta301 In reply to You have to....

You guys were very close. The Desktop folders were not listed even when I doubled clicked on My Computer and saw the list of Drives and libraries on the left Window pane. I keep looking until I found that by right-clicking on a blank spot in the left pane it opened two choices; :Show all folders" and "Expand to current folder". Neither were checked. By checking Show All Folders it solved my problem. Desktop is now in the list. Thanks.

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Windows 7 will search any location you like...

by TechSoEasy1 In reply to Win7 does not include Des ...

And it's awesome at finding email attachments.

In my opinion, search is what makes Windows 7 the best operating system ever developed.

Your i7 based machine is more than adequate. Unlike the add-on Windows Search that was offered for XP, Windows 7 search is native to the operating system and is not nearly the same drag on resources as its predecessor.

To change the settings, use the SEARCH box from the start button. Enter "index" and the first choice should be "Indexing Options".

From here you can include any location you like. Your desktop should actually be included by default. So if it isn't searching that location and is selected in the indexing options, you can choose Advanced Options to rebuild the index, or even better is to use the Microsoft Fix-it script which you will find here:

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Attachments? Drag them to the attachment window.

by seanferd In reply to Win7 does not include Des ...

I thought most people used drag and drop rather than choosing from a list. YMMV.

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