Win7 Outlook RPC-HTTP SBS 2003

By HowieD ·
Hi I have an SBS 2003 server with a self certified certificate, several clients running XP with Outlook 2003 which connect using RPC-HTTP with no problem.

I have a new Win7 64bit client (I've installed the server certificate and I don't get certificate errors if I connect to the https:\\server\remote page) that will not connect from Outlook. It does work when on the internal network (using RPC-HTTP), just not from the Internet...

Any ideas greatfully received...

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External Test

by bincarnato In reply to Win7 Outlook RPC-HTTP SBS ...

Have you went to this website and ran the test?

It will give someguidance on where the issue may be.

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RE: External Test

by HowieD In reply to External Test

Hi There,

Yes I have run that test and it fails on the certificate, although the browser has it installed and doean't show an error, and the XP clients are using that certificate without complaint...

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RPC HTTP to SBS Exchange

by CG IT In reply to Win7 Outlook RPC-HTTP SBS ...

if you connect to the remote web workplace via https you should have access to email through remote web workplace.

Outlook Web Access is another option in SBS.

you might consider looking at MS KB 833401 on RPC-HTTP

but I would suggest that you use RWW or OWA with SBS and not use RPC-HTTP direct to exchange on SBS [or use SBS mobile access].

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RE: RPC HTTP to SBS Exchange

by HowieD In reply to RPC HTTP to SBS Exchange

But OWA or RWW only allow you to work with your email while you are online which isn't what I want.

I'm interested why you recommend against RPC-HTTP I have used it for several years with no problems(apart from now!)?

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because of NTLM and possibly clear text passwords

by CG IT In reply to RE: RPC HTTP to SBS Excha ...

users can specify authentication methods in their user interface so it's possible that clear text passwords could be sent thus intercepted.

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Solved !

by HowieD In reply to Win7 Outlook RPC-HTTP SBS ...

I finally resolved this.

The SBS server in question despite having automatic updates running hadn't updated to Windows Server 2003 SP1 (although it had updated SQl etc).

I manually updated to SP2, and RPC-HTTP started working without any other changes, so there must be a change in the handling of RPC between 2003 and 2003 SP2?

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