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    Win7 = partitioning made easy


    by oz_media ·

    I got to a point, with the past releases of Windows, where I ignored using the HELP menu for anything at all. EVERY time I had used it, I found myelf clicking “NO, this didn’t solve my problem” to the point that Windows had no more answers.

    In short, Windows HELP has always been completely useless for my needs…until now.

    [u][b] My mission:[/b][/u]
    I had to install proprietary, automotive documentation software, which just won’t install in any of the Win7 compatibility modes. Having used it with Win2K in the past, I decided to partition my disk and add a Win2KPro boot partition to install and run just this small package, which I use in conjuction with a PC based diagnostics tool.

    [u][b]Normal route of action:[/b][/u]Boot into DOS and play ‘partitions’ the hard way or use something third party, like Partition Magic, which simplifies the task.

    [u][b]My diskovery[/u][/b][i](Yes, it’s an intentional play on words.)[/i]
    Not being too used to the Win7 file and disk management structure, I did some Googling to cover any known issues before setting out. Lo and behold and little did I know [i](even though it was included in Vista too)[/i], there is a built-in partitioning system in WIn7 that works very well indeed AND it’s actually well documented via the HELP file. It’s simply a matter or right clicking a partition, selecting shrink and going through the Wizard and in a few steps you’re done. To revert, right click the new volume, select ‘delete’ and then right click your main partition and choose ‘expand’, another Wizard sets it up as one drive in just a few ‘wizard based’ steps. Calculates sizes, selects drive letter and formats as NTFS or FAT32 in just a few clicks and a few seconds.

    I clicked a link mentioned in the Windows HELP file that said, ‘watch this video’ (sounded interesting). It was a video posted right on the MS website that goes through the use of Disk Manager to create, expand/shrink, format, and set partitions as primary, logical etc.

    HELP actually works! It searches your string very accurately, returns relevant info and walks through the steps with links to open pages as needed.

    Video Link:
    (the video is just for deleting partitions but it illustrates the the built-in and fully functional Disk Management system)

    [b][u]End result[/b][/u]
    It worked to a tee, so simple and EXTREMELY fast; I haven’t even see Partition Magic work it’s ‘magic’ that fast before (booooo 🙂 ).

    I digress, this is the second time I’ve actually given Windows a chance, with Win7, to try and offer some insight with it’s own HELP screens and, to my great shock and surprise, IT WORKS!

    Not only that, but opened me up to yet another great feature of Win7.

    [b]”I am Windows 7 and[i] I wish[/i] it was my idea”[/b] ka-ching!

    Disclaimer: To many of my advanced IT peers here, this may seem rather elementary. In my case and hopefully some others, this just may be a great solution for people’s needs.

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      I’ve only used that a few

      by .martin. ·

      In reply to Win7 = partitioning made easy

      times (the partitioner in vista and 7) and found it really good.

      It is a surprise when something included in Windows outperforms bought software 😉

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        That too

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to I’ve only used that a few

        I was really surprised after finding both a useful and resourceful HELP system followed by yet another great feature in Win7.

        So far, this seems to be the Windows release that should have followed Win2K. Just as powerful as Win2K, more secure than WinXP and quicker than Win Vista while combining the benefits of all of them.

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          SORRY!!! Misposted

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to That too

          Had multiple windows open, posted to the wrong one.

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