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Win95 faster than 98SE

By podlagnjida ·
Ok, I have this situation:
Dual processor COMPAQ server with SCSI RAID 5 - 65Gb, 1Gb RAM, Win2k Server SP4 - and it has the role of File Server. Network cabling and switches are all 100MBit certified and atested (and WORKING OK).
Workstations are Pentium II 900, 256 Mb RAM, Win98SE and Win95OSR2 machines (all the same hardware and other software). Server is hosting a DOS aplication and I have noticed that Win95 stations are working A LOT better than Win98 but just in that specific DOS aplication. For example: 1 month accounting summary is prepared in 1 minute on that 95 machine, and it takes whole 5 minutes on Win98 machine. All workstations have SAME programs and SAME hardware and SAME settings. Virus and spyware free (clean installations).

Any idea ???? Please :)

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Yes, it's true

by TheChas In reply to Win95 faster than 98SE

From my own experience, W98 on the same hardware is around 10% slower than W95.

This is based on upgrading a few Pentium 233 MMX systems from W95 to W98.

At 900 MHz, I suspect that the performance difference is closer to 5%.

Download and run a few benchmark tests to see just how much faster W95 is.

W95 is also closer to DOS than W98. I suspect that you will find that more DOS commands are supported in W95 than in W98.

Perhaps the biggest issue is that W98 has a lot more system overhead than W95 does. This will reduce the amount of free RAM in the DOS critical first 640K.


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Yes but I have 500% difference !!!

by podlagnjida In reply to Yes, it's true

Yes but I have 500% difference !!!
And only in one SEGMENT of that application. I just tested today, just 1 function of that DOS application is 500% slower on Win98 and Win98 (First Edition) than on other Win95 OSR2 machine. Other functions are working equaly fast on both OS!

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Sounds like you have your answer..

by admin In reply to Yes but I have 500% diffe ...

It's in the application and how that specific function in the application uses DOS.

I believe there were some changes to the DOS underbelly during those years. Can the App developers provide support? Maybe it calls a part of DOS that can be solved with a simple overwrite of the older file version on your 98 machines. I have had to do this in the past- either include a DOS file or overwrite with an older version. Do you know what function it is and how that function specifically works with DOS? If not, ask the developer.

Hope that helps :)

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