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win95 on domain but not talking to win2003 file server

By ryancroom ·
Hello I am having a problem with getting a win95 pc access to shared resorces on a win2003 file server. First let me say I am a summer student who is experianced with computers but not very experianced with servers. I have installed the correct DSClient for win9X from the windows 2000 cd. Using administrator username and password I can log onto the domain, and talk to any computer and any other server except our file sharing server. All our servers are runing win2003. The error I recieve is "The specified computer did not recieve your request. Try again later"

I think it may be a setting on the server or on the pc Im over looking.It may have something to with SMB signing but to my understanding the DSClient was supposed to take care of that problem. But if I still need to have SMB signing disabled please let me know. Any help will be much appreciated.

Unfortunetly upgrading the win95 pc OS is not an option as we have programs we need that will only work on win95. We are currently using working around this problem by sending them to a winXP machine that the win95 machine can access but we would like to directly communicate with our server if possible.

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All you need is to install dsclient on Win85

All you need is to install dsclient onto the Win95 box, actually you don't need to but it on but it makes it run better. You can get the dsclient off of the install disc for win2k3 i forget exact location of file on the disk but its not hard to find.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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could not find

by ryancroom In reply to All you need is to instal ...

I could not find the file on our win server 2k3 disk (service pack 2). I do however have the one off the win server 2k disk which is installed already which is the only thing allowing me to log onto domain but i am still not able to have communication between 95client and my 2k3 server. I will search if I can find this file online, but so far no luck.

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Hang on a minute here, first you are saying you had ,

Then you are saying you can't, which is it?.

You have said "I have installed the correct DSClient for win9X from the windows 2000 cd".

Have you or have you not loaded this program file?.
Go and look in the disk that you had earlier.
Grrrr, give me a break and a kitkat.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by ryancroom In reply to Hang on a minute here, fi ...

I appolagise for the mis understanding I do have the win9x DSClient and it is installed on the client machine it is what was allowing me to log into the domain. When you typed your first response you had said on the win2k3 disk not off the win2k disk(which is where I found DSClient); I thought that there was an updated version on the win2k3 disk I but could not find one.

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So it IS installed on your Win95 machine?.

And it is still giving you trouble?.
I have to ask, why are you running Win95 with this server?. The issues you are having is because Win95 code does not run that good ( i never even bough Win95 because it was rubbish. If you could get Win98 on that machine it would be a lot better, EVEN better would be.......
Well you know what i am going to say next.
Other than the pointers that i have given, i am stumped at the moment.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to win95 on domain but not t ...

Change the following in the Default Domain Controller Security Settings,
Domain Member: Digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data (always) - Disable

Microsoft network server: Digitally sign communication (always) - Disable

Reboot the Server

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thank you for suggestions

by ryancroom In reply to win95 on domain but not t ...

I will try out your suggestions unfortunately I am a little preoccupied with other issues at work. As for the win 95 system was installed and used long before I worked here and unfortunately the software that we use to store a lot of important data on our equipment that is out in the field. We have not been able to get the go ahead to update the system and software to a new version from upper management.

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Let us

by Jacky Howe In reply to thank you for suggestions

know how you get on.

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