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win95 setup

By alihadi40 ·
i recive an error when trying to run win95 setup after i already performed FDISK and FORMATED.the error states that i need to remove a compression software utility.How do i do so if i aleady formated rhe hard drive?

thank you

ali hadi

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by TheChas In reply to win95 setup

1. Was the drive set up using a utility disk from the drive manufacture?

If so, you may have BIOS overlay software installed.
You will need to follow the proper process to boot from a floppy to install W95.

2. How big is the drive?
If the drive is over 2GB in size or formatted as a FAT32 volume, you need Windows 95 version "C" (2.5). If the CD lists USB support, that should be version "C".
Prior versions of W 95 do not have FAT32 support, and are limited to 2GB per logical drive.

3. How much RAM, and what CPU is on the system?
Windows 95 has problems with over 511MB of RAM, and AMD CPUs faster than 300MHz.
There is a patch for the AMD CPUs. However, you need to run the CPU at less than 300 MHz, install W95, install the patch.


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by darts32 In reply to win95 setup

If the computer hard disk drive has been compressed in the past by any utility this compression software must be removed or configured to allow Windows to write to it. If you wish to remove the compression from the hard disk drive follow the below steps.

Boot from a bootable floppy diskette.
At the A> type:
fdisk <press enter>
In fdisk choose the option to display partition information (option 4).
Determine the type of system currently setup on the hard disk drive.
Once the system has been determined press Esc
Once at the fdisk main menu choose the option to delete the partition or logical DOS drive (option 3).
Choose option 1 to delete the primary partition if your system is FAT16 or FAT32. If your system was unknown or a Non-DOS partition choose option 4 to delete Non-DOS partition.
Once the partition has been deleted or is no longer present choose Create DOS partition or Logical DOS drive (option 1).
Choose Create Primary DOS partition (option 1) and create a primary partition on the hard disk drive. Once created press Esc until back at the prompt A>. Once at the prompt reboot the computer.
Once back at the prompt after rebooting the computer type:
format c: <press enter>
After the hard disk drive has been formatted successfully reboot the computer and install Windows.

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