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    WIN98 boot problems


    by lovetheavguy ·

    I just finally upgraded WIN98 from a 166MHz to a 333MHz with a plug and play motherboard.
    I did manually change my BIOS settings to accomidate the 333MHz CPU.
    Well, now it won’t bootup. It hangs at the WIN98 window.

    Suggestions anyone.

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      Boot up problems

      by slewis01 ·

      In reply to WIN98 boot problems

      Win98 is loading the drivers for the old m/board and this is causing the hang. You would think that plug and play would detect the new componants but the m/board drivers must be loaded first for PnP to work.

      I have had some luck in booting to safe mode when the screen says . Let the pc boot up into sfae mode and when all disk activity has ceased do a shut down and reboot.

      If you can get in your bios then perhaps turning the option on will aid the process.

      If not then rename and boot up with a win98 floppy and reload windows. It must go in the same directory as before (undoubtedly c:\windows) and most importantly you must use the same registration key as before because it compares this against the one in your Registry.
      Once this is done you have a new copy of windows and because we didn’t touch the Registry, all your old programs should still work (sound of wood being touched)

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        Win98 boot problems

        by bobby gillette ·

        In reply to Boot up problems

        One thing you might try is going into Safe Mode (provided you can) then removing all your motherboard resources and such in System (Control Panel). Upon reboot it *should* begin the detection of your motherboard and all its resources, doling out reservations as necessary.

        If you have no luck with that my advice would be to format and reinstall Win98 *if* installing Windows into the same directory doesn’t do the trick. If you have any programs or files you want to save either save them to another partition or drive, external storage or removable media, then proceed as if you were installing Win98 on a new build. I’ve gotten in the habit of every 6 months going through this ritual…better to grin and bear it than run into problems later on.

        Hope that helps…


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          by slewis01 ·

          In reply to Win98 boot problems

          The self-contained program is a rare beast these days. Most programs will have written keys to your registry so backing them up elsewhere won’t enable them to run after a format.

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      Wait, have u determine if it is hardware

      by llaw ·

      In reply to WIN98 boot problems

      You should boot from W98/se CD-R first to see if your hardware is ok. Or, just do a reload W98,(with Save systems, you won’t lost anything). Do not be conceived you have the W98 logo screen, your hardware is OK. There are at least 3 stages during areboot your hardware may fail, all seemingly OS related. This is especially true with overclocked CPUs, underspec memory and incompatible PCI bus timing on your new mobo.

      The best is to find an old useful drive and try to load a fresh version of W98 and run a burn in test, if every attempt on the soft side fails to recover.

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