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Win98 Can't find Domain

By weigm ·
I have recently begun to have problems with certain Windows 98 client pc's being able to login to the domain. After putting in a username and password, they get an error stating that there is no domain server. If they leave the pc for a period of time, they usually can get logged on. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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Network Settings

by ninamorena In reply to Win98 Can't find Domain

What are the network settings? I've seen this happen from time to time with laptops that are taken from the office to home networks.

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by johnnywatt In reply to Win98 Can't find Domain

I would check DHCP first. As soon as you get the error, click Cancel and open winipcfg immediately to see if received it's DHCP settings. If so, click Cancel and Log Off. Then log on as normal and see if it works.
Also, try static mapping outside of the DHCP scope to rule our this for testing.

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by lamparth In reply to Win98 Can't find Domain

ok second try you can use the admt tool to move objects from one tree to another into a different ou

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Win98 Can't fin domain

by satish_s07 In reply to Win98 Can't find Domain


i read your problem.
try solve this by following step.

1. Please check your network card that is give link status with your swtich or hub. if its blinking on & off then may problem with your network cable first figure out your network cable connection to swtich if its ok. then go step 2

2. If still not conneting your domain check the network card it may problem with your network card so try to replace it check.

3. configure the tcp/ip & Netbeu protocal

If you have windows 2000 server so i recommed you that always that win98 or Win95 pc install DSclient for Windows 2000 server CD.

please try this step.
if its not solved the problem let me know.



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