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Win98, Internet Explorer, Page not found

I have a Windows 98 pc at home.

Internet Explorer has stopped working. I get the generic error message "Page not found" after launching it.

I have internet access via the local cable company. My other home computer does connect okay to the internet so I know that the internet is available.

I have reloaded the op/sys in attempt to fix this problem but it made no difference.

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.



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by Boricua65 In reply to Win98, Internet Explorer, ...

If you have another browser, go to this site and download. Prior to installing, uninstall the IE version that you have, if you can. If not, go ahead and install. It will recognize that there is an IE browser and it may give you options.

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by DBA-MI In reply to

I uninstalled IE and then reinstalled it via the download but it just did not make any difference. I still get the generic "page not found" when I try to open up the browser.

Thanks for the suggestion though.


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by Boricua65 In reply to Win98, Internet Explorer, ...

Are you using a router to be able to access the Internet with this computer? If so, then it (the PC) will need to be configured to be able to access the Internet via the router.

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by mdjameer In reply to Win98, Internet Explorer, ...

check the ip confogured properli which is given to u by loical cable internet provider.for that go to command prompt and type IPCONFIG then try to ping gateway.if gateway is pinging then type ping if dns not resolved then problem is dns.for that go to network nebourhood roght click on n.b clik properties see what dns entri is there put apropriet dns .then se internet is working or not.go to dos prompt see dns resolved oir not.if dns resolved properli and gateway is pinging and any website also pinging from command prompt then open ie go to -tool -option - connection.see there rpoxy enable or not if enabled disable proxy.after that u r ie wiil work tell me ue feed back

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by mdjameer In reply to

tell me have u checked which i above mention plse tell me

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by DBA-MI In reply to Win98, Internet Explorer, ...

I can go to a command box and ping an ip number.

I cannot ping a url like, it tells me that it is unknown.

I have tried to setup the networking to be like the instructions that came with the linksys router. Basically just dhcp enabled is what it asks for.

I have 3 other pcs on my home network and they all got out to the internet fine so I know that the router and cable modem are working okay.

Because I can ping out to an ip address, the network card is okay.

I can see my other boxes on my network so the local network is working okay.

But DNS does not seem to get resolved.

It does get an ip address from the router.

I have tried many different combinations in tcp/ip settings in DNS but nothing seems to work.

Any further suggestions would be appreciated.


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