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Win98 License Question

By jingernut ·
Hi Guys

I need to upgrade the BIOS on various different people's PC's but this upgrade needs to run in a DOS enviroment. So I have created a bootable CD using a Windows 98 startup disk but now I am being told that I cannot do this because the person's PC does not have a licence for Windows 98. Surely this is not true, It's not like I am using the operating system just the start-up files. Will I need to have a Windows 98 license to do this?

Can anybody clear this up for me?



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by carlos.nino In reply to Win98 License Question

Why would it need a Windows 98 License if they are DOS boot disks. I've seen hundreds of "win98 boot floppies" and never ever had a license issue with them. A CD should not be any different.

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by Borg7of9 In reply to Win98 License Question

You have no licencing issue here. You are infact not installing anything on these systems, the OS actually running on the system is the one you should be licenced for. And, in fact, in some licence agreements you haver a downgrade right. For example with Win XP Pro, you have the right to downgrade to Win2000 pro. They did this because large corporate enviroments wanted to keep the same OS standard. For your case you have no problems whatsoever, but for any other issues, I found Microsoft quite helpful.

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by BSchmidt In reply to Win98 License Question

Can you just shut down and restart in MS-DOS mode? To my knowledge, none of the Windows OS loads in MS-DOS mode.

Or, if you can get your hands on one, use an actual DOS boot disk?

That is strange, I've never heard of a license problem in Win98.

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by Foehammer In reply to Win98 License Question

Make a Win98 emergency boot floppy disk.
Start/settings/control panel/add & remove programs/startup disk.
It will work in all the w98 PCs, and boot them with CD rom support regardless of the type of CD rom installed.

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by wlbowers In reply to Win98 License Question

You don't need a license to upgrade the bios. Even if you did the os on the machine is licensed right.

Do your upgrades and Good Luck


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by TrollGod In reply to Win98 License Question

somebody wants your moneye.......

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