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Win98 not recognized on Win2000 Domain

By miotti ·
I have a Win2000 Server network; at first we had a Workgroup setup for the client machines and Domain setup in the Server. Services installed were: NetBEUI + TCP/IP + Client for Microsoft Network + Pint and File Sharing. Yesterday I changed to have all the machines into the Domain and removed the obsolete NetBEUI protocol. Most of the machines worked except this particular pc that comes up with an error saying:
"there is no server available on the network to validate your account". And I log in but all the services are disabled and no machines nor the Server are available on the Network Neighborhood.
I have TCP/IP + Client for Microsoft Network + Print and File Sharing services installed on all of them and most work. NetCard is a3Com 3C90. I have tried pinging all the other machines and it works just fine, so I assume that connection exists between them.

Any ideas of what I may be missing?


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by miotti In reply to Win98 not recognized on W ... the way, I also have configured the option to automatically initiate session in a WinNT environment.

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by NickW_uk In reply to Win98 not recognized on W ...

Windows 98 requires to be able to connect to a global catalog server to validate. If you have only one server then that will be it so I presume that is not the problem.
Is WINS running? Installing WINS could be the answer or are other Windows 98 PCs connecting OK?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Win98 not recognized on W ...

easy to try: winipcfg (examine results) then /release then /renew on problematic machine and locking down NIC to 10MB half duplex or up to 100MB full had workgroup name exact same as domain name? 'they say' this is bad idea... try changing workgroup name on prob machine to something else - 'admintest' or something.... reboot. then try rejoining your domain...

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by dkmc00 In reply to Win98 not recognized on W ...

In addition to answers 1 & 2 check the following:

If Active Directory is running in your network then you'll need to install the AD client on the
Win98 PC for it to successfully participate in the network. The AD client is available on the Win2000 CD.

I'm assuming all other machines are running win2000/xp.

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