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    Win98 password help


    by waverly.nichols ·

    A friend just bought a used pc and can’t log into Win98 login screan. Can someone help?

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      by waverly.nichols ·

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      Windows 98 has no security

      by efs710920mex ·

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      Just hit the esc key and you entered the computer. Then remove users or create new ones. If you don’t want to be asked for a username chane the startup service from windows family to normal login (or somethig like that).

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        set up instructions please

        by waverly.nichols ·

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        Can you give me step by step instructions for removing the old users and setting up so there isn’t any specific “user”? He doesn’t want to lose any of the programs but doesn’t want to have to log in every time he turns the pc on. Thank you so much!

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          Control panel

          by it cowgirl ·

          In reply to set up instructions please

          In the control panel, there should be a “users” or “password” section you can make changes.

          You can also go to Start, help on the menu to lookup how to perform diferent funtions. Also is a resource, or just google your question for website which still have win98 resources. Also you can do a search on Techrepublic for previous answers to your win98 questions.

          Good Luck!

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      OR just delete *.pwl file

      by multiplexed ·

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      I’m not sure if the control panel can let you just change passwords, but if not …

      Once you escape to log in, you can do a search for *.pwl and delete the relevant password file. Log out, then log back in (where it will ask for a new password).

      That way you don’t have to mess with the control panel or changing profiles.

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