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    Win98 passwords


    by stewiejb ·

    I need to produce a proceedure for altering passwords under 98

    This is required when password policy gets implemented and users are forced to change their password

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      Win98 passwords

      by mfischer ·

      In reply to Win98 passwords

      If you’re using an NT domain, then using the Windows Policy Editor (Poledit.exe found on the CD) will do the trick. Also I would advise installing the “Remote Registry Service” or regerv.exe as a service on the win98 box. After that then use the Account policies in the user manager of the NT server to set password change requirements. One side note, it will be easier on your end users if you disable local password caching on the Win98 boxes, this will keep passwords sync’d between the 9x password and the domain password.

      If you’re using any other type of environment the process is similar. IE Windows 2000 it’s in the admin tools – “Domain Security Policy”

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