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Win98 SE with 2 NIC's?

By phaethar ·
I'm trying to get a Win98 SE machine to work with 2 NIC's. One is for a LAN, the other for a DSL modem. Windows is able to detect both cards just fine, but I cannot browse my LAN. The problem, I'm thinking, seems to be with the way windows handles TCP/IP and DNS. The DSL modem needs DNS for the web, but the LAN card does not. However, turning it on with one card also forces the other to enable DNS, and vice-versa. Is there a way to force windows to distinguish between the 2 cards better so I can enable DNS on one and not the other so I can browse both my LAN and the net at the same time?

Thanks in advance.

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Win98 SE with 2 NIC's?

by McKayTech In reply to Win98 SE with 2 NIC's?

You're headed in the right direction but Windows98 by itself does not have routing or forwarding capability and only supports one gateway address. So it's not a DNS issue, per se, although it looks like it.

Since you already have two NIC cards and Win98SE, you just need to enable Internet Connection Sharing on the card connected to the DSL modem. This will establish a static IP address on the LAN NIC and if you set up the LAN with IP addresses in the same subnet range, you will be able to browse the LAN as well as get access to the Internet. A side benefit is that other workstations on the LAN will be able to access the Internet if you want (just set their gateway to the IP of the LAN NIC on your main machine).

Hope this gets you going.


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Win98 SE with 2 NIC's?

by phaethar In reply to Win98 SE with 2 NIC's?

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