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Win98 shutdown, by itself

By ken.paschke ·
Recently bought a compaq with 98 SE factory installed. It seems to shutdown by itself and restart. Runs the scandisk each time because it shuts itself down improperly. Recently removed the lithium battery and reset BIOs. Seems to have slowed down the number of times it shuts down. Compaq tech support says to check the "disable fast shutdown" in MSconfig(general advanced section) which does not exist. Anyone else have this problem ore suggestions. I have already check power sources, connections, cards and switched surge protectors.

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Sure have

by Leanthar In reply to Win98 shutdown, by itself

We also had a similar problem with Dell computers. Had to configure the system to 'disable fast shutdown' in msconfig. This fixed the problem and it has not popped back up.

Enter MSConfig then click on the Advanced button the lower right part of the screen. Click the box labeled Disable fast shutdown.


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Not an option

by ken.paschke In reply to Sure have

This is the same suggestion Compaq tech support gave...the only problem is there is not a check box on my machine for the Disable Fast Shutdown. I have confirmed this box does not exist with compaq on my I will need another option...possibly editing the registry!!

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Registry Key

by mjervis In reply to Sure have

The key your looking for is located at :

My Computer/HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer

and the key is Shutdown Setting if the value is 1 change to 0 if the value is 0 change to 1. <<< My 2 Cents >>>

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Compaq problems

by gtrosvig In reply to Win98 shutdown, by itself

I bought a Compaq with 98 SE factory installed a couple weeks ago. I have been having some problems on start up. I am getting a message MNYUI.DLL file is linked to missing export MFC42.DLL:6467. What does that mean? I click close and the computercomes up. Another problem happens on the internet, it seems to lock up it is like my enter key is pressed, it wants to send the same screen over and over. I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Any ideas? I have not seen where the computer shuts down by itself.

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