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win98 to winxp...reg problem.won't boot?

By montcity ·
i'll try to be blunt and to the point, while providing relevant information... so here goes..

Computer...p4 1.8 mhz processor
Initial OS...Win98 se...upgraded to Win XP Pro
(i know...not a good idea)

Had problem with windows installer starting when i started a couple of programs..

So, in a blind attempt to fix it..i purchased and installed Fix-It Utilities Professional..V6

Of course,,,i went to far with cleaning the registry....Now the harddrive will not Boot.(already tried fixit when so far and flipped out).

Then...tried recovery console....i did fixboot, and chkdsk....still afraid to try much data i do NOT want to lose)...although that may be what it takes?

Anyway, i installed another harddrive...installed Win98 se and upgraded to XP just like the other harddrive. Hooked the other hd up as a primary slave.....

BIOS reads the slave as 80GB drive...which it is.
However, when in win only shows the slave as a 10MB drive...I think Chkdsk may have something to do with wrote like 200 files to it when i ran it.

I also ran SpinRite v6 on couldn't read anything past the 10mb.

So, then i ran Maxtor Utility disk on it and got the following readings:

Note: i should also inform you that suddenly the file system is read as was formatted/created as a FAT32 with WIN98se.

Back to Maxtor Utilities info:
BIOS Extension Support.......Failed
Partition Information........Read Fail

Soft reset test..............Passed
Drive recall test............Failed
error code....UKOEO2

I've gone through all the startup options:
get the NTLRD missing message,
the hal.dll message,
and the <windows root>system32 message.

I have alot of data on this drive that i definitely need to get access to.

If anyone on here can figure this one hat is definitely off to you.

thanks, any advice will be very much appreciated

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by montcity In reply to win98 to winxp...reg prob ...

I should also mention...when i tried to do re-install with Win XP cd....first it didn't recognize that an earlier version of Win existed...i put in Win 98 CD...then it proceeded. Then so far through the process, it gave an error message that it shut down so that it would damage the harddrive.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to win98 to winxp...reg prob ...

Well I don't like your chances here you are going to have to run the Fix MBR as obviously the MBR or in this case the FAT has been altered to only recognise the 10 GIG that it is currently showing. Your data may already be gone from an easy recovery.

Now depending on just how valuable this data is it can be recovered but it will cost you and depending on how badly damaged the File Allocation Tables are it could be VERY expensive.

My first choice would be to use On Track Professional Recovery and rebuild the FAT structure but even that piece of software is around 1K in US $ but it's a lot cheaper than sending the drive away to a data recovery house where you can expect the price for an easy recovery to be around the 3K mark and higher for the more time that they have to spend to recover your data.

At this point if you are unwilling to spend that type of money I would just run the Restore MBR option and hope for the best while expecting the worst. You may be pleasantly surprised and if you are not you haven't lost anything have you?

If you are very familiar with HEX then there is a Forensic program available called Win Hex available from

But it honestly is only for the EXPERIENCED USER who understands HEX like a first language with English as a second one. It's defiantly not for a beginner or even someone who knows a little HEX it was designed for the full blown user who totally understands exactly what it is that they are doing.


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by G... In reply to win98 to winxp...reg prob ...

Why didn't you made a clean XP install on the second drive? I don't get it.
Looks like you made things worse than they were in the first place.
I don't think you'll get all your data back after this but if you don't want to try the HAL's sollution, you may try to put your drive with the data you want back on a working machhine then save want you can...

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