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    Win98 Upgrade to Win98 2nd Edition


    by coredump_1 ·

    Does anyone know if there is an upgrade available to go from Win98 (SP2) to Win98, 2nd Edition? I have 2 pc’s, one with each of the above, and suspect an incompatability between the two is keeping me from implementing my wireless network via a Linksys 4 port router. I am unable to access the internet from the Win98 (SP2) version.

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      Win98 Upgrade to Win98 2nd Edition

      by 1stladytech ·

      In reply to Win98 Upgrade to Win98 2nd Edition

      If you go to the Windows update site, you can order a cd for Windows 98se update. It will update Win98 to se, you have to run it from within the GUI of the original op sys. It will not update any other op sys to Win98.

      Hope this helps, as you did not specifically state what problems you were having trying to get the two machines to talk. I have not found incompatability between the versions of Win98 under most circumstances. More detail would allow for a more complete answer.


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      Win98 Upgrade to Win98 2nd Edition

      by ann777 ·

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      Thereis no problem between the two versions of Win98; you should be able to access the internet with both through the LinkSys.

      We need more info to be able to help you. For instance are you using DSL or Cable? If DSL are you using PPoE (point-to-point over ethernet)?

      If you are using DSL and PPoE, you should only need to input your DSN ip addresses into the Linksys, and your complete login and password and check the PPoE in the Linksys Configuration.

      If you are using Linksys as DHCP, then setup your computer’s nics for Obtain address automatically and you should be good to go.

      There’s a few more steps involved, if say for example, that the nic in the Win98SE computer is not working properly.

      If through the Linksys your Win98 (not SE) can access the Internet, but the Win98SE cannot, then somewhere in the Win98SE there’s either a hardware conflict or a software setup issue.

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      Win98 Upgrade to Win98 2nd Edition

      by coredump_1 ·

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