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    Win98 VPN & DUN1.4 update


    by c-healey ·

    I am trying to setup a couple of client PCs for VPN access
    and the VPN update requires the DUN1.4 update. The DUN1.4
    update errors out during the install saying that it is not
    for my version of Windows.

    I have installed this same install file on another PC in
    the office and all went well including the connection to
    the VPN server.

    The only difference is the PC I get this message on is a
    Japanese version of Windows98. Is this a problem and can I
    get around this?

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      Reply To: Win98 VPN & DUN1.4 update

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Win98 VPN & DUN1.4 update

      Start by making sure that you have the correct version of DUN 1.4.

      There are 3 different versions.

      If it still errors, it very well could be a language problem.
      You may need to get the Japanese version of the update.


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