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Win98 woes

By joe ·
My client has purchased a brand new HP Compaq d220m which is a Micro tower with XP hone edition but due to the limitations of a DOS based program which is critical to his business and works only with Win98 or less he is forced to downgrade his OS which is XP to Win98 SE instead. Now after formating his hard drive I installed Win98 SE but on boot up the PC freezes on the Win98 logo screen and stays there forever and doesn't go further unless booted in the Safe mode.

Any help would be much appreciated

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by jschein In reply to Win98 woes

Boot into safe mode...

One or more of his devices are not installed.

Delete duplicate copies and erroneous devices, reboot windows, it will start now.

Go back into device manager and find the devices you need drivers for.

Good luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Win98 woes

You tried XP compatibility mode first for those legacy programs, right?
Anyhow, i agreed. you have bad driver. boot into safe mode and install latest version of win98 driver from compaq website or try until you find it try native 98 pci SVGA video driver ('show all compatible...' instead of 'have disk'). if that fails, try booting 98 with Step by Step confirmation to see if that will help pinpoint the problem. (tap f8 key during reboot)
how much ram is in the computer? did you try taking some out

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by mfischer In reply to Win98 woes

Windows 98SE does not support ACPI power management (it supports the older APM standard).<br><br>Try entering the bios (F10 @ startup on most Compaqs) and disable ACPI power management.

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by TheChas In reply to Win98 woes

How much RAM is installed?

W98 can have problems if you have more than 511MB of RAM.

What speed is the CPU?

There have been reports of issues with some W98 components and CPUs faster than 2.1 GHz.


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by csmith In reply to Win98 woes

After you sucessfully installed Win98SE, and it booted, which driver upgrade, or software package addition, started th problem with the boot freeze?
F8 and step by step should find it.
If you are lucky, you will see an error message on the screen, after you disable the Win98 Logo.
Regards, Chris

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by wlbowers In reply to Win98 woes

Restore the drive to xp and purchase Virtual PC.

It will allow you to create a virtual computer that you can load win98 on.

The virtual machine will utilize all of the ports of the XP computer.

You can even network the virtual computer to the XP Computer.



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