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win98 works xp doesnt

By fortdan ·
I recently purchased a skylink 8 port n-way switch to share dsl and network just two computers(for home use) i connected the dsl to the uplink port on the switch and the win 98 confuser into port 3.It works great. I connected the xp confuser and and.nothing i ran network it the cable im using is it it me slipping into madness?

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win98 works xp doesnt

by cal.williams In reply to win98 works xp doesnt

Generall these days, problems are more likely software than hardware. First thing I'd look at is the TCP/IP addresses. If you do not have a DHCP server in your router, you will have to manually assign the addresses such as 192.168.0.x, where x=1 is probably the router and each computer could be 2, 3 etc. Many routers allow only 2 - 28 or so. The mask should be set to to establish a subnet in the allowable range. If the router does have a DHCP server (common) then select "assign addresses automatically" on both computers. Beyong that, I'd look at whether other network functions work between the computers - file and printer sharing. If not, perhaps you do have a cable, NIC, NIC driver or switch port problem.

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by wlbowers In reply to win98 works xp doesnt

You need a router.

The ones I use and have the least amount of trouble from.

Linksys: BEFSR11 or BEFSR41 The 41 has a 4 port switch built in.

Dlink: DI-604
This unit has a 4 port switch built in.

The router takes the one ip address issued by your dsl provider and nat translates it into multiple lan addresses.

Now you can get your current configuration to work if you get another tcpip address from your provider.

But your are gonna pay for it. It don't take long to buy the router.


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