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    Win98Loss of Desktop Icons


    by ingrid.sage ·

    After powering up my CPU my only view on the desktop is the screen saver. How do I get the start menu to show? or the shortcut Icons to show?

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      Reply To: Win98Loss of Desktop Icons

      by sgt_shultz ·

      In reply to Win98Loss of Desktop Icons

      see if it works ok in safe mode. you can then try searching for and deleting the shelliconcache file (that is the name, it’s hidden and there is no extension). it will be recreated upon reboot. but the symptom of shelliconcache corruption is usually funny icons, not no icons. i would suspect something that is starting up with windows as the problem…if it works in safe mode, try using Start/Run/msconfig/Startup to disable stuff, first one half of the stuff, then the other, then half of the half that contains the problem program eventually you will narrow it down. what has changed lately? what new software? what has been uninstalled lately? (try reinstalling ti, then uninstalling it again…)
      also try scandisk…

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