Win98SE won't boot after HD replacement

By anti_cryst666 ·
Hi there...I just replaced my desktop's HD, and when I tried to boot up, I got nothing but a blank screen and a constant "beep...beep...beep", with the HD light staying on. Swapped back the old drive and got the same thing. Now, granted my box is only about 6 years old (since last mobo & CPU upgrade), and it did work (got the "bad sectors, do Scandisk" screen quite a bit, though), but I thought it would at least work again once I put the old drive back in. Any idea what to do (other than listen to my landlady and break down and buy a new box)?

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by Fred123456 In reply to Win98SE won't boot after ...

Three beeps ususally means RAM I beleave. reseat RAM?

When every I'm stuck like that I sometimes unplug everything from the mother board except CPU Video and Memory and turn it on. If beeps are gone, plug in your next device and test again.

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More than three beeps

by anti_cryst666 In reply to Beep

That sucker will beep for as long as you let it. I'll check the RAM when I get home tonight, though, just in case. Think maybe excess dust? I usually **** it out every year or so. Surprising what this box has gone through, and kept on kickin'. Thanks for the advice.

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I doubt its dust

by Fred123456 In reply to More than three beeps

Continuous beeps would be an indication that something is plugged in halfway or not at all. Start from scratch and test each device one at a time.

My oldest box is a home built Dual P2 233 with 512 Megs of Ram, running windows 2000 and IIS. Its been running non-stop, except for the random reboot for about 5 years. It was purchased in 96 or 97 and was a game server from purchase to 2000.

Treat em right and they last forever..

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Check the RAM

by TheChas In reply to Win98SE won't boot after ...

Often when you get constant beeps, it means that the system is not seeing any memory.

Make sure that the RAM modules are fully seated in their sockets.

If the beeps sound a bit like a siren, it means that there is a safe operation error. Either a bad CPU fan, or an out of spec. voltage regulator.


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The Beep Goes On

by ScienceMikey In reply to Win98SE won't boot after ...

Besides the beeping-- which may be RAM-related-- I would also check that the IDE cable is plugged in correctly, as a reversed cable will ALSO cause the HD access light to stay on and other symptoms. Not all cables are keyed-- the striped wire is on the pin-1 side. The PC board should be marked-- on the HD side, the striped side of the cable is next to the power connector.

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what the beep

by sgt_shultz In reply to Win98SE won't boot after ...

i think we should look for horses, not zebras. since this used to work and all you did was change the hd, right? i would check my video connection to my monitor...
i presume it beeps with or without the hard disk installed?

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