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Win9x logon to Win2K server

By wabit ·
I manage a network with a Win2K server and Win9x workstations consisting of desktops and notebooks.I have just discovered much to my amazement that one of my users using a personal notebook running Win98 has been connecting to my network and accessing the server without logging into the domain and using only share level security. All other workstations logon to the domain and uses user level security. He also uses a different workgroup name and yet he is able to access all files in the server according to the given user rights. Is there anyway I could stop such logons or connections to the network without upgrading all the workstations to run on NT platforms? Could someone offer some suggestions to control such logons?

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This could happen if:

by JOVE In reply to Win9x logon to Win2K serv ...

This could happen if: He is using the same Username and password (For his 9x Machine) as one of the accounts that the Win 2K Server has stored under its accounts.

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Only one logon required

by jp-dutch In reply to This could happen if:

This also happens on my network, when a user with a laptop with Win95/98 logons to the NT-domain - the desktops are all WinNT.
If the user creates a local logonid which is equal to the domain userid and gives it the same password, he can just map drives on all shares which are available to him/her.
So you only have to logon once. Since one ia already logged on (on the laptop), the NT domain just checks if this user/password combination is known.
Since the password security on a laptop is notexactly watertight, this is probably one of the easiest way to gain access to a domain.

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