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Winamp distortion

By ncc1701jm ·
I have a Duron 800, gigabyte motherboard with onboard sound card, voodoo3 3000 video card, 256mb Ram, 8x4x32 Panasonic cd-rw. When I play a music cd the sound is great, but when I play an mp3 file there is distortion! Would putting in a 3rd party soundcard solve my problem? Same thing occurs while playing games!

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Winamp distortion

by Some Guy in Seattle In reply to Winamp distortion

Generally, for any sound applications you want to have the major amplification happen as close as possible to the speakers. This means turning down all the preamps and equalizers to 0dB or lower to minimize preshaping of the sound and then allowingthe main amplifier to amplify as clean a sound as possible.

Think of it this way: if you have high amplification on the preshaping amplifiers, then any distortion that occurs then will be amplified later on in the circuit closer to the speakers.
Try turning down all the preamps (windows media sound board, winamp volume, winamp equalizer, any 3D shaping you may have with your sound card) and then boost them by small increments to get the sound you like.

As an aside, the CD sound *will* sound fine. Most likely you have an audio cable from the back of your CD-ROM drive straight to the sound card, bypassing all the OS modification of the signal. For all intents and purposes it is a straight shot from the CD to the sound card to the speakers.

Hope that helps -

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Winamp distortion

by tjc In reply to Winamp distortion

By distortion do you mean in the loudness or by distortion do you mean by it skipping and replaying sections of the song?

I had both problems with an onboard sound card on my compaq and i upgraded to a sound Blaster GameX 5.1 and everything went fine. I didn't have to close out of programs because of resources and cpu speeds and such.

I also Like Winamp, btw.... Great program.

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Winamp distortion

by ncc1701jm In reply to Winamp distortion

Re; tjc's answer, I think you got it on the nose, it's more like skipping (old record player) than just distortion. I also love winamp cause I can create my own skins. Looks cool on top of that


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