WinDDK Build Error: Time is in the future

By yogesh.thite ·
Dear sir/madam,

I have been working on MS Windows 64 Bit driver build process. I am having some unique problem on specific machines. In some of the machines I am able to build sample drivers provided by Microsoft Win DDK. But in some of the machines driver build is getting failed. Following is the problem description:

1. I have tried to build the driver located at: C:\winddk\6000\src\usb\bulkusb\sys.
This is just a sample driver from WDK package.

2. First I tried to build with options: build -ceZ, then it built successfully with
no errors or warnings.

3. Then I kept generated files in the same folders and again tried to build the same with options: build -ceZ.

4. Then it gave following description into the log file:

-- snip --
BUIL Examining c:\winddk\6000\src\usb\bulkusb\sys directory for files to
before AssemblyIdentity_AfterReadAllSources
after AssemblyIdentity_AfterReadAllSources
Building generated files in c:\winddk\6000\src\usb\bulkusb\sys *************
'nmake.exe /nologo BUILDMSG=Stop. -i BUILD_PASS=PASS0 NOLINK=1 PASS0ONLY=1

before second call to ScanSourceDirectories
ERROR - "c:\winddk\6000\src\usb\bulkusb\sys\objchk_wlh_amd64\amd64\_objects.mac"
file time is in the future.

after second call to ScanSourceDirectories

skipping post pass 0 command
ERROR - "c:\winddk\6000\src\usb\bulkusb\sys\objchk_wlh_amd64\amd64\_objects.mac"
file time is in the future.

-- snip ends --

5. Then I removed the generated files (objects.mac and all other generated files) and build drivers again. At this time, it wont gave any error as above.

6. I thought that this is due to timestamping problems, which is caused by anti virus software so I uninstalled it. It wont help as well.

Following is the link where I have been discussing about this error.

Please let me know if any of you have solution for such error.


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