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Windos Xp On Server

By ajis ·
I have server (DELL POWER EDGE 1750).In this system i have try to install windows Xp pro but its not running, i cant install Windows Xp. Whats The Problem?.Is it possible for install xp on server based system?
there is three hard disk on the system,(RAID CONTROLLER)

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by ICB's corner In reply to Windos Xp On Server

Servers usually come with configuration CD which prepares the server for a o.s. If you have got the cd then use it.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windos Xp On Server

Yes It's possible to install and as the above person answered you'll need to run the Setup Utility before starting the XP install. But when it comes to XP you'll have to configure it a s a Peer to Peer not a Domain Controller or on a Domain but feeding a Peer to Peer setup.

I've only seen this done once previously by a Government Department who didn't know any better and it took us weeks to sort out the mess they had 1 server for every 9 workstations and then those servers where running off a 2003 ES Domain controller it was impossible to get connected between machines on different workgroups even though they all had the same name controlled by the XP Boxes which would have been fine if that's how they wanted the system setup but it wasn't. That place had 2,500 workstations in it and needed to have direct connections between most of them. I think that the person who came up with this setup was trying to get out of paying the license fees for 2003 ES but we had to get the Government IT Section to supply some more Licenses for 2003 ES and we dramatically cut back the number of servers in the place.


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will be trying this tomorrow on a 1750

by speckmc In reply to

have been trying today to setup a 1750, to run as a simple DVR system, with geovision capture card (didn't feel the need to waste one of my server 2k3 enterprise R2 licenses for this role)

just installed xp pro on a PE 1550 this afternoon, that runs our music system for our spa/clinic practice area for students.

runs perfectly (1550 with dual 1.4ghz xeons and 2gb mem)

don't have the cd to prep for os install, however i will be downloading it now. was able to do the install on the 1750 however every time it tries to do the first boot, i get blue screen, and reboot. so ill assume its a driver issue, and will attempt to get the prep cd.

on a side note, i have the 1550 running on my 2003 domain, with 0 problems.

why spend money on high end os, and machine, to do a mundane little task, that i could use a desktop for... i do want to try and get xp on the 1750 for another reason however, i have a 1750 laying about, that id like to cram in my rack, and take the computer they had originally put on the cash register as its dieing, and run a thin client with an rdp connection back to the 1750 that's running xp, to use as our cash register/ reception area computer.

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problem solved

by speckmc In reply to will be trying this tomor ...

was the dell perc4 raid driver for 2k3 causing the issue, changed to the perc4 raid driver from dell for win2k and it boots right in. figures....

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