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By jan_muhammad79 ·
i haved installed windows 2000 Professional
on my PC that has already win98 istalled i setup clean installation and have a dual boot system and it is working properly,now i plug out the hard drive and pluged in into an other system(other board) and i started the system (other) the windows boot loader is appeared showing two choices
1 Windows 2000 Prefessional
2 windows 98
the 2nd choice is running
but when i choose the first choise i.e win2k Pro
the system is rebooting.
> the windows 98 updates itself accodring to the New system
> but the Win2kPro does't
> now how can i enable win2k pro To Do So

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by TheChas In reply to Window 2000

Unlike Windows 98, Windows 2000 and XP do not take well to being moved to new hardware.

The "recommended" process is to:

Back up Windows, less the hardware abstraction layer.

Install Windows "clean" on the new system.

Restore from your backup.

That said, there are some "work-arounds" for this problem.

Check out this site:

I have been told that if you boot from the Windows 2000 CD, and follow the prompts to perform an installation repair, that that will fix the issues also.
My source claims 100% success with this method.


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by CLIFFL In reply to Window 2000

When you installed 2k either you or 2k installed drivers for the motherboard, you now expect the system to use the same drivers for the new motherboard, it won't. Have not found a workaround for this yet, but what you could do is create a new partition on the drive and reinstall the op system on the other pc and boot into that when you move the drive.
Regards cliff

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