Window 2003 Install Access Point

By twanstall ·

i was hoping for some help with installing and configuring a wireless access point.

I currently have a server A with the services:
DC DNS, DCHP, File and Application.

Server B has: Secondary DC.

Currently my setup is not connected to the internet.

I also have 2 laptops which are connecting through as belkin ethernet router(at the moment completely seperate to internal server and clinet network).

The router is connected directly to modem and also connected (by ethernet) to hub, (which connects servers and clients)

I would like to change the router into an access point.
This ive done using belkin web interface. But it doesnt work. There is no internet connection and no laptops can connect to access point.

If anybody has any ideas or knows of any tutorials id be most greatful.

Many thanks


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see the belkin website to configure it as a bridge

by sgt_shultz In reply to Window 2003 Install Acces ...

i can't tell exactly what's wrong from your sketchy post but most commonly imho it is because you need the ap configured in 'bridge' mode

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by CG IT In reply to Window 2003 Install Acces ...

Some routers when you change them from a router to a gateway no longer provide many to 1 NAT [not sure Belkin routers do this]. So no one gets internet access.

By virtue of the router being Wireless, it's a wireless access point. It also happens to be a Router as well AND probably has a 4 port 10/100 switch in it.

The real question is why turn off the router function? If it's just to make it an Access Point, it already is. An Access Point typically is used when there is an existing perimeter router/firewall that provides many to 1 NAT to shared internet connection.

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Resolved - very nearly!

by twanstall In reply to humm.

I managed to setup as Access Point so dhcp is going though server!!

Only thing is that there is internet am i right to assume that the modem (telewest) needs to be connected to server?? And NOT just connected to router (now WAP) then connected to hub which connects server and clients?


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NAT setup required for server for internet access?

by twanstall In reply to humm.

Hi and thanks for reply,

Would i need to configure NAT on server as it it no longer on router??? would this solve internet connection? In addition, would i need to have modem connected directly to server and not to router (now WAP) to Hub to server/clients????

Thanks again


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