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      What if I continue using Windows 7?

      by agneswang ·

      In reply to Window 7 End Of Life

      I’m really used to running on Windows 7 as I started use it many many years. I want to keep it forever. Then what would happen? Will my PC be attcted by malware or virus? Or can I get Windows 7 Extented Security Updates to run it safely?

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        If you continue using it it will run as it is.

        by oh smeg ·

        In reply to What if I continue using Windows 7?

        Eventually you will have all the updates available for your Hardware and Software loaded onto your computer and there will be no more.

        As for AV Type Products you may find that your prefered option stops supporting 7 and you need to load something different that will still run on 7 till that either ceases to exist or stops supporting 7.

        Things like Web Browsers and the like will eventually not run on your version of Windows so you’ll be stuck with what does work for instance things like Google Chrome works on older versions of Windows but only up to a certain build after that it stops working so you’ll be stuck with older versions of software as the newer versions will not run on your OS.

        Then eventually the Web Sites will stop supporting those versions of whatever software is being run and Web Sites will not open or report unsupported Security Certificate and not display.

        However if you only want to run it with the software already on it do not want to go online it will work fine and do what the software installed on it allows though eventually things like printers will break and any new one you buy will not work with your OS as the Product Makers no longer provide Drivers for 7.

        I have a NB here I use XP Pro on simply because it runs software to diagnose large Earthmoving equipment from Volvo. If you use that type of equipment or service it you have to use the Diagnosis Software to fix the things just like some older cars now the Service Software for them works on older versions of Windows which where current when the cars were made and do not get updated as time goes on.

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        Nothing lasts forever

        by user name 1 ·

        In reply to What if I continue using Windows 7?

        Unfortunately for Microsoft, users of the “seven” will be able to continue to use their favorite operating system even after its official “death.” No need to be afraid that company representatives will come to your house and forcibly install a new OS (only if you do not invite them). Nobody is going to remotely disable access to a computer, as Samsung developers did with explosive Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Windows 7 will continue to work as usual, with only a few caveats.

        For example, Microsoft will cease to please with its weekly security updates: after the end of support in 2020, owners of computers and other devices with Windows 7 onboard will not receive a single patch from official developers. The built-in antivirus, which previously worked through its sleeves, will also not fully resist potential threats. As a plus, the computer will stop updating and rebooting at any time convenient for it.

        All documents, photographs, video, and audio recordings will remain in their places, more precisely on their hard drives. You can also use previously installed games and programs without problems. However, it will not be possible to install newer programs: for example, if, by the middle of 2020, a user of Windows 7 will have the Office 2019 software package installed, he is unlikely to be able to upgrade it to Office 2020 and newer versions.

        The same applies to other programs, as well as game projects: sooner or later (rather late, because the “seven” is still too popular), third-party developers themselves will no longer support this operating system.

        If this does not scare you, then there is no need to update anything and switch to Windows 10 right now, but it is worth remembering that nothing lasts forever, and someday you will have to say goodbye to Windows 7.

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