Window appearing on disabled monitor

By rossinjd ·
I have laptop which is normally connected to a docking station. When the laptop is plugged into the docking station, I have an external monitor which I use as the primary display and the laptop monitor which I use as the secondary display.
I decided to take my laptop home and just run it using the laptop's monitor. Most of my programs work just fine, however for some reason when I run one of my programs it starts on the disabled monitor. Since I can't see the window I can't move it to my laptop monitor.
I've tried rebooting, and changing the screen resolution, neither worked.
Is there any way to tell a program which monitor to start on? Is there a way to move programs from 1 monitor to the other without using the mouse to drag them?


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Apparently the Video Driver isn't working correctly here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Window appearing on disab ...

What should happen is that when removed from the Docking Station the second Monitor should be turned off, well at least with new NB's.

You can either drag this programs window back onto the NB Screen when at the office or if the entire screen is taken up with the Window in question place the Cursor on the Top Bar of the Window and move it off the screen in the same place that you would if you where in the office. So if the 2nd monitor is on the Left you move the cursor off the left side of the screen along the top and then holding down the Left Touch pad Key drag the cursor back onto the NB's Screen. That should drag the window in question across and when it starts to appear on the NB's screen you can move things around so you can see what you are doing.

However if this doesn't work I think that you'll find that the Software has been setup in such a manner that this Window opens by default on the External Monitor and depending on how this was originally done undoing it may prove harder than a simple Drag & Drop.


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