Window browsers not maximizing.

By Nminks ·
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My browsers will not open. When I open one it shows in my Taskbar and I can hover over it but I cannot click on it to use it. I can right click to maximize but it doesn't actually maximize even though it says it is. This is happening with Chrome and Edge. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, no rhyme or reason why. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it doesn't help.
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Re: browsers not maximizing

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Window browsers not maxim ...

A few questions:
1. How did you uninstall Edge? I didn't know it was possible.
2. Also in Safe Mode?
3. Also in another (new!) (local!) Windows-account?
4. All other programs (like Notepad or mspaint) behave normally?

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Upgrading mobo, how do I activate windows??

by rileydylanrd303 In reply to Window browsers not maxim ...

I've got windows 7 on my ssd (retail not OEM, I think) that I've been using for years. It's time to upgrade the mobo, ram, and cpu. I've heard reports of windows being recognized on their ssd while others have to do a clean install. Some people boot from a flash drive, too. I'm just kind of lost.

I'd like to upgrade to 10, also.

How do I go about this? Do I upgrade to 10 before or after the hardware upgrade? I have no idea where my activation key is for 7.

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Windows Browser.

by dailyupdatesWW In reply to Window browsers not maxim ...

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