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My 80-year-old father has a bit of an attention problem- He'll read an e-mail, start a reply, look up something on the web regarding his reply, find something else on the web to see, check e-mails for something new, open other e-mails, start another reply, look up info on the web, etc... By the end of the day, He'll have 23 open e-mails and 4 half-written replies in Outlook, 15 open e-mails and 2 half-written replies in Windows Mail, 23 tabs across three instances of Google Chrome and 15 tabs open across four instances of Internet Explorer... and complaining that 1) there's a video playing in the background that he can't find, and 2) his computer is slow.

Is there a setting or 3rd party application that can help limit the number of open windows/tabs with a pop a dialog box saying "you have X# windows/tabs open in [application], please close some before proceeding"?

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