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By dadamski ·
everytime i open windows live messenger it just comes up as a black screen , when i move the cursor around it i can tell that the icons are there but i cant see them , i have tryed reinstalling but no joy, does anyone know why this is????

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There are numerous possibilities

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to window live messenger

The first most obvious is that you are using it on an Version of Windows that it wasn't designed for as you haven't listed the version of WLM and Windows that you are using that's a possibility.

Your user profile could be corrupt and preventing WLM running or opening correctly, or you may not have the correct rights to actually use it when you log on.

If you have Admin Rights and are running XP of some kind and the latest WLM available I would first open the Control Panel click on the Add Remove Programs and remove WLM. Reboot and make sure that everything is working correctly run Defrag which you'll find in the System Tools in the main menu under Accessories and then reinstall WLM from a known good stored file on your HDD. Do not rely on a download to install this with as it runs the possibility of being corrupt hence you need to save a copy on your Local HDD and install from there but only one that you know already works OK so you'll either need to try installing it on another computer to see if it works properly or get a copy from a friend who has installed it and has it working correctly now.

If it still doesn't work you can try creating a new user account and then see if it works correctly or more likely you'll need to do an AV Scan with something other than Windows Defender and then in Safe Mode scan for Male Ware and keep running the scans till the system comes up as clean.

Remember Safe Mode doesn't mean that it's safe to do everything with your computer it only means that you have limited drivers installed so it's Safe to work on the system not that it's Safe to download & install things as this is anything but correct. If you attempt to download anything in Safe Mode with Networking you run the risk of totally trashing your OS as there are insufficient services running to keep the system SAFE.


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