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    Window NT issue


    by sree_cb ·


    I am using windows-NT workstation. i am not getting the refresh option in menu which we can get by right clicking the empty desktop.but we can refresh by pressing F5, but i want that option.

    The one more problem is i am not getting the tool bars on Start bar(which is having the start button, we can place the toolbars lilke quick launch,desk top)
    How can i get all these options, and i have already loaded service pack Ver6 on my can i get these options by loading any service pack or any extra patch please suggest me.

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      are these options in NT?

      by tink! ·

      In reply to Window NT issue

      Quite frankly, my current place of employment is my first real dealings with NT. I was not aware that these things you want were even options with NT. I know they are possible in other versions of Windows (like 98).
      So, if they are possible in NT, I’d like to know too!

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      I don’t think they exist for NT

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Window NT issue

      The “Refresh” option doesn’t exist by default in NT. I think it is only available on those versions of Windows with the “Active Desktop” capability. “Refresh” doesn’t apply to NT since nothing is pushing new content to the desktop, so there’s nothing to refresh. I don’t know if this option can be added to NT.

      I’m not sure about your Start Bar. It sounds like a Toolbar created or controlled by right-clicking the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. If that’s the case, that capability doesn’t exist in NT either.

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