window sizes change suddenly & random characters are typed - HELP!

By EStreetJerseyGirl ·
My husband's laptop is having some very annoying problems. First one is that, whenever he tries to type (in IE as well as other programs, such as Notepad, Character Map, Windows Live Messenger, etc.), a bunch of random numbers just start being typed for no apparent reason and don't stop until the Shift key is pressed. Also, if the "M" key is pressed, the window minimizes, the "R" key makes the run dialog open, etc. - but he's not pressing either the Ctrl or the Alt keys to trigger those commands to run.

The other problem is that IE windows suddenly (again for no apparent reason) start going berserk - they expand to the entire desktop (the title bar and all the icons in the normal IE window disappear), then go back to the regular size he has the IE window set to, and it just flickers back and forth between the 2 sizes.

He's running XP SP1 w/ IE6 on a Dell Inspiron 8500. PLEASE don't suggest upgrading his OS or IE version or to convert to some other browser or anything of that sort - this only started a few days ago, no recent hardware or software changes, so there's no good reason why this should be happening now when he's never had this problem in the 4 years he's had the laptop.

Any ideas on how to fix these problems would be VERY much appreciated! Thanx!

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