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    window will not update and open


    by sopcms ·

    microsoft fix it results:
    2012-10-06_083911 microsoft update fix
    2012-10-08_212149 windows not fixed
    2012-10-09_140751 microsoft express results
    Fix it doesn’t say how to fix it.

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      by sopcms ·

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        Request for Clarification

        by Wizard57M-TR ·

        In reply to Clarifications

        Can you tell us the problem you are trying to fix? Without knowing
        what the problem is, no one can give you an answer.

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      Windows update :-)

      by pghegseth ·

      In reply to window will not update and open

      I had a similar problem with Windows Update… it would not update.
      I found a simple solution, delete the SoftwareDistribution sub-directory within your windows directory. The caveat is you’ll lose your update history… oh well??

      When you retry Windows Update the system will re-create the missing directory and execute the update flawlessly.

      I’ve never got MS fix-it to recommend anything useful. But, I’ve only been repairing PCs for 25 years and have not encountered everything yet.

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