Window won't start after install new RAM

By bchen521 ·
My computer currently has 1 GB of DDR2 800 memory and I want to upgrade it. I bought 2 GB of new RAM (same speed) and installed it. On the boot screen the memory test passed. (it show I have 3 GB RAM now) but my window won't start.(I am currently using Vista) The computer just hangs there even in safe mode.. Once I remove my new RAM the computer works perfect again.. Will someone tell me what might be the problem here? My mobo is not that old so it should support 3 GB RAM... help.
Thanks a lot!

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could be a few things

by Langlier In reply to Window won't start after ...

1. Bad RAM
2. Bad RAM slot
3. New ram not really the same speed as old ram.
4. Motherboard wants to run in dual channel mode and the new RAM is conflicting (try removing the old ram and use the new ram in the proper (normally different colored) slots. Dual channel needs matched pairs of ram.

5. Unsupported size/speed of RAM

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Can you explain this alittle.. dual channel mode Thanks

by bchen521 In reply to could be a few things

Thanks a lot for your reply.
I have a question regarding your comment on dual channel mode. You said "new ram in the proper (normally different colored) slots"
I have 4 slots, 2 red and 2 blue, and my ram comes in pair, so I should insert them into the slot with SAME color right? This is what I did, my old RAM (1 GB, 2 x 512 RAM) was inserted into the 2 blue slots, and I inserted my new RAM (2 GB, 2 x 1 GB RAM) was inserted into the 2 red slots. Is it correct?
I think my motherboard wants to run in dual channel mode.

Thanks a lot for all your help!

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depends on motherboard manufac

by Langlier In reply to Can you explain this alit ...

some of them like to have one chip in each color some like to have the same chips in the same color. If you have your motherboard manual it should tell you in there or the information should be avail on the manufac website.

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Same Issue

by ben.vdwesthuyzen In reply to Window won't start after ...

Hi I have the same problem. I had 2 Gig of ram in my system and the moment I add anothre 1 gig (= 3Gig), Vista doen't boot. XP will work fine. If I remove the 1Gig (=2Gig), it works fine. There must be a problem with Vista, cause the hardware checks out fine. I'm using Vista Ultimate Edition.

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Found Solution

by ben.vdwesthuyzen In reply to Window won't start after ...

Hi. I found the problem.
Vista.. Stupid Thing.
If you add more than 2gig ram, it doesn't start, because the system Max Default is 2048. So the moment you exeed this, it doesnt work. So this is what you do.
1. Add enough ram, so that Vista can boot up (No more than 2 Gig ram)
2. Go to Run and type in MSCONFIG and press enter.
3. Good to BOOT and then ADVANCE OPTIONS
4. Tick Max Memory and make it the amount that you will have after you have added your new ram.
3gig = 3072
4gig = 4096
and so on and so on

Hope this will help you.

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MAX memory

by aldwin0427 In reply to Found Solution

i have tried your suggestion ben i i have 512mb max memory and when i tried to set it up to max it always goes back to 512 after clicking ok...

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Same issue

by greaser In reply to MAX memory

When I try to update my max memory it defaults back to 1792. Anybody know whats up?

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What do you mean by defaults to 1792?

by ComputerCookie In reply to Same issue

Some info about the MB and RAM might help!

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Could he be talking about ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What do you mean by defau ...

1792MB + 256MB = 2048MB.

Can a mobo have 256MB onboard graphics?

If he had 1GB RAM he'd only have 768MB system RAM.

Only a guess - until confirmation.


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The solution to your problem is..

New motherboards and ram memory.
The new motherboard that you have will only take memory in PAIRS, so replace the new ram but leave out the 1gb ram. If it will not bootup then take out just one memory chip and place it in another slot, keep doing this if you still have problems booting, in the end the memory will kick in and your computer will bootup. The other thing is when you place the new memory on your board make sure you click on "Load default drivers" in the bios this will make sure your memory talks to the rest of the system (sort of). When it is working ok then go back into your bios and reset the dvd/cd, hdd, floppy drive to the way you had it before. Hope this helps you out.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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