Window XP reboot loop: HELP ?

By a_do12 ·
I am unable to fix the problem of XP pro reboot in the loop. I had imaged the old IBM NetVista model 6790. The imaged has SP1. Window XP can't boot normally. It boots into F8 boot screen. I can't set it to boot into safemode, safemode with command prompt or with networking. Window won't boot into normal mode either.

I tried swapping RAM chips but boot loop problem persists. I already set the BIOS to default. The PC has Pentium 4 3GHZ single CPU. There is no RAM errors beep upon POST boot. I read online about SP2, SP3 that might be in conflict with older hardware thus I imaged the PC with SP1. I already tried to fix boot sector using window CD recovery console. Window still won't boot normally. It still get stuck in a loop.

Can someone help me here? I am very frustrated with this PC. My IT manager expect me to fix this issue.

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bad image

by brian In reply to Window XP reboot loop: HE ...

Could be a bad image, try installing from scratch, however before you do that, try downloading the ultimate boot cd and check the hard drive to make sure it is good (use seatools or the hitachi drive check). It could be that you have some bad sectors on the hdd and it needs to be replaced, or you could have a bad image (has happened to me before from the facotry cd's and from ghost, which is why if you make a ghost image, always verify it before you try to use it).

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F8 Screen

by LarryD4 In reply to Window XP reboot loop: HE ...

So you get to the F8 screen and then choose a boot option and it just reboots, correct?

perhaps boot.ini file is pointing to wrong volume?

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by a_do12 In reply to F8 Screen

I get the F8 screen. After I choose safe mode boot, window reboots again to this same F8 screen.

I don't know how it can point to wrong volume. I imaged over dozen other pc before.

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by Brenton Keegan In reply to reboots

have you used that image on that particular hardware before (other machines of the same model). If not then I would suspect that the image doesn't work with that hardware.

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by a_do12 In reply to Hardware

this image hasn't been installed on this hardware. I thought all netvista image should work. Netvista uses Intel 100/1000 ethernet NIC.

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It needs to be the same

by IC-IT In reply to nop


You can do a repair (you will need to install all the updates again).

You could try to sysprep the image. Check this link to see if the criteria matches.

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