Window7 not reading CD's and DVD's

By justathought ·
This is a very annoying problem I put a CD or a DVD in the drive, I know there is data on it as I just made a music CD or whatever, but somehow I am asked to either put a disk, or format the disk or a dialog box appears asking me what I want to do.

There are a very few and rare times when a miracle happens and Window will actually open the CD or DVD.

Anyone can help please?

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Sounds as if the drive is Marginal

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Window7 not reading CD's ...

And may need replacing.

Does this happen with just 1 type of Media or both CD and DVD?

As there are 2 different Color LED's involved in DVD Drives one for DVD and one for CD it's possible that if Disc's are left int he drive for extended periods of time that one of the LED's will loose Intensity and then start having trouble reading Disc's.

It's unlikely that this would affect both LED's involved as only one is used for each media type.

Although depending on the drive in question it's always possible that Incompatible Media is being used in the drive and you need to use a different Brand, Dye Lot for this particular drive.


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thank you

by justathought In reply to Sounds as if the drive is ...

Thank you for answering my question, actually I have learnt something I did not know, you might think I am stupid and you would be right for I am guilty of leaving my CD in.

It will at times read the Cd's however it is not often, or after shutting down, the next morning by miracle it will open the Cd's.

Thank you for taking the time to help

Kind thoughts


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If you need a Disc in the drive a lot of the time

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thank you

It's better to use a Virtual Drive where you load the Contents of the Disc in question into a Virtual Drive.

It will give faster Disc Response Times and make Game Playing smother. The current access of Optical Drives means that a Virtual Disc is about 100 times faster than a Disc in an Optical Drive.

Any of the ones here should be OK sorry I can not suggest one though.


I hope that was of some help.


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I had the same problem

by pktimmy In reply to Window7 not reading CD's ...

I'm not sure exactly how I fixed it except that I removed Windows Media Player and associated software and then I ran the repair disc that I made when I got the Computer.
I now use Media Player Classic, MediaMonkey for CD's and MP3's and Sothink Movie DVD maker instead. (All Freebee's)

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