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By ajeet4u1989 ·
I recently moved to windows 10 from windows 7 but it is not comfortable for me.
My experience with windows 7 was very good and windows 10 is completely strange to me.
I need windows 7 interface and want to move back to windows 7.
Somebody help me to get back windows 7.

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Changing user's habits is always hard

by snicolas68 In reply to windows 10

That's why before launching windows 10, windows 8 was introduced. Like for Windows XP, one new temporary release Windows Vista was introduced as a transition to smoothly prepare users to a new operating system. All of those who switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 complained in the company I worked because of one simple psychological factor:
People have habits, are familiar with an interface and therefore, with massive changes, they get lost, are unable to work with habits they had and have to adapt.

Keep Windows 10, it's just psycho, a principle familiar in the IT world.

Or set up a windows 7 virtual machine.

Also, take in fact security risks keeping an OS release whose support will soon not been maintained with no more updates.

Else, look at some apps like windows shell that will, in this case, make the windows 10 panel and start menu behave, look&feel like windows 7. Lots of free apps are available to make your Windows 10 look like Windows 7 without losing benefits of Windows 10 you'll be able to slowly discover and one day forget about Windows 7 and finding Windows 10 great and not willing to change for another release...
and lot's of others that will really make your windows 10 look like it would be windows 7.

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by ajeet4u1989 In reply to Changing user's habits is ...

Hi snicolas68, I can understand that its the matter of habit. I have been working on windows 7 for last 3 years and it is very known to me, I like windows 10 too but there are some features which make me irritate like Cortana, Edge, start menu etc.
Anyway thanks for the answer and I am trying to be familiar with windows 10.

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by ajeet4u1989 In reply to Changing user's habits is ...

Hi Snicolas68, Today I found a solution. Today I visited a blog by searching on google and it gave me some tips to make windows 10 look like windows 7. I did what that blog told and now I think my windows 10 is looking like almost windows 7.
Information source:
It really helped me.
Anyway I really appreciate for your effort and suggestion.

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