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    Windows 10 File Explorer – unspecified error


    by mcintyrem ·

    I just recently installed the Windows 10 Anniversary edition, by using the Windows Update tool in the settings screen. Ever since, I’ve been getting an error when I try to open File Explorer.

    “Unspecified error.”

    This error happens when I click on the the icon that I’ve pinned to the Task Bar or if I look for it in the Start Menu.

    However, if I open up Control Panel and then use the address bar there to switch to File Explorer, it works.

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      Try this!

      by sschweizerhof1 ·

      In reply to Windows 10 File Explorer – unspecified error

      Could you try the following and see if it fixes your issue:

      1. Go to Control Panel
      2. File Explorer Options
      3. Change the “Open File Explorer to” option to “This PC”.

      Then you should be able to open File Explorer from the Taskbar.

      Hope it works!

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