Windows 10 install freezes system

By Sempter06 ·
I just built my first PC this last weekend 10/24/2021 and I purchased a key for windows 10 but every time I try and install it the entire system freezes and the only way to do anything is to shut off the power supply or unplug the pc from the outlet. Please help, anything helps
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Tell more.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows 10 install freeze ...

There's not enough to work with yet. Tell about the PC and how you made the install media as well as any story such as "I formatted the drive."

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And ...

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Windows 10 install freeze ...

Also please tell when exactly it freezes.

What happens if you boot from a Linux disk or stick (free to make). Does it hang, does it give an error message or does it boot correctly and run as it should.

Most likely you did something wrong or damaged something. Less likely (but not impossible) that you bought a faulty component (PSU, motherboard, RAM, SSD, optical disk)

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Windows 10 Freeze while installing

by jimmywick90 In reply to Windows 10 install freeze ...

Windows 11/10 gets stuck during Installation may happen due to few reasons like..
- Internet connection,
- sometimes it is a file that goes missing.
- Slow hardware or maybe It could also be hardware or driver incompatibility.

If the Windows install stuck on Setup is starting the reason can be:-
The file is corrupt and u have to repair the corrupt file.

If Windows install stuck on adding Microsoft Account
I would suggest that you skip adding the account or Create a local account instead and then convert it into a Microsoft-linked account.

If the windows install stuck on logo no spinning of dots then:-
Disable Legacy BIOS
and Upgrade your hardware which supports UEFI.

Hope this helps you,

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