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Windows 10 May Install OK !

By meolep92 ·
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Okay, Microsoft, give us a clue here. There is zero on-line help for this problem. The computer is a pretty new Dell Latitude 5570 running the September 2017 version of Windows 10. For me and for my clients, installing the latest greatest April 2018 version of Windows 10 is a complete crapshoot. It it works, great! If it fails, this is a complete waste of time and more wear and tear on a computer. Any solutions forthcoming? Maybe a newer and repaired Windows 10 March or April or whatever 2018 Update?

Error code is the ever-popular 0x8007025D - 0x2000C I downloaded the ISO directly from MIcrosoft and I have used it to install a fresh copy of Windows quite a few times, so I have to believe that the problem i s not corrupted media. To date, there is no how-to-fix this problem from Microsoft. Better still, is it unreasonable to expect an update to simply install properly without workarounds and kludges?

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Yep that's about what I find to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 10 May Install O ...

But on the up side you need to understand that Windows unlike OSX whatever version they have now is for all hardware where as OSX only works on a single hardware layout so it is much easier.

I'm just leaving the unpatched version and waiting till next money for hopefully a solution. I used to work out what was going wrong with Windows but you spend lots of time that you never get back Microsoft doesn't believe you when you ring them and you don't get so much as a Thank You more like a Pi$$ Off and stop telling us what you found out we work for the place that writes this and know everything that they is to know so we do not need you taking up our valuable time.

If you really want to try to find out what is going wrong here you need to start disabeling the hardware and allowing Default Drivers to run most things and then if that works install one driver at a time and patch the old version till it stops updating and they you've found the issue. Of course you need to clone the drive as it is now with only default drivers before applying the patches and then reclone it again and again till you find out what is stopping it working as M$ wants.

You'll spend way too much time get no tanks and generally speaking do nothing more that waste your time and hair as you'll be pulling out any that you currently have left on your head and maybe other places depending on just how painful it gets trying to sort out what is going wrong. I found after I stopped doing things like this the Pain DIDN'T APPEAR any more and it was like bashing your head against a brick wall when you stopped the pain started to not be as bad.

Let M$ pay some one that they really HATE to solve this one and get on with the remainder of your work it is much simpler that way.

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