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Windows 10 PC crashed

By TeamAngola ·
please how do i handle an issue where my system crashed with valueable info in it
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That depends on how you define VALUABLE.

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows 10 PC crashed

If it is Vital you recover the data you should stop using the unit immediatly and take it to a Service Agent to recover your Data.

If it would just be NICE to get the data back and you will not suffer a finical penality if you don't then you can try repairing the unit.

If you have a Windows Install Disc you can stuff that into the unit and boot off it and try to do a Repair Install which should work but if you do not have a Windows Install Disc and have a recovery Partition on the unit DO NOT USE THAT as it will wipe the drive and load a clean version of Windows onto the unit which will mean it costs more to recover your data if it at all possible as the more you use the HDD the more likely you are to overwrite the data and make it all but impossible to recover.

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Win10 Crashed

by dineshramgaikwad In reply to Windows 10 PC crashed

Can you give us more details,
Like what happens when you try to start the system
Since when you are facing the issue
Did you made any changes recently on the system
What T/S steps did you take to ressolve the issue.

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Also important things like

by OH Smeg In reply to Win10 Crashed

What Security is Involved here?

Is there any Encryption or Full Disc Encryption involved?

Is the default user allowed to have an Admin Account?

Is the unit shut down reguraly or left running and allowed to Hybernate and it will not wake up now?

Those along with the above are the very least that is required to attempt to answer this question.

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Please elaborate with the error you`re getting

by Dianadickson001 In reply to Windows 10 PC crashed

If it happens repeatedly, it can be:
- a hardware issue; then you repair that
- a software; then you fix that

The common ways to fix an unknown software issue are:
- system restore back to when it still worked, and if that doesn't work
- reset windows 10, and if that doesn't work
- go back to the recovery drive you made (if you made one), and if that doesn't work
- a clean install of Windows 10

The only information you can lose during a crash is unsaved data from open programs. That's usually only 10 minutes work or so.


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