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Windows 10 Wifi Sense shares your wifi internet connection

By simonschilder ·
Windows 10’s new WiFi Sense shares your WiFi password with Facebook, Outlook, and Skype contacts

This option is ON by default and although Microsoft claimes it doesn't share your secret key and your contacts can only use your internet connetion, not your entire network I do not like this. According to an article on ExtremeTech MS stores your information, albeit encrypted, on their servers to make this work.
This has me worried because I do not know what kind of encryption MS uses and moreover I think I am capable enough to decide who I give access to my wifi access point myself!

Moreover, what if the NSA knocks on MS's door and demands this information? I am not a US citizen and definitely do not want this info shared to anyone including the NSA.

Having said this all, I found out that Wifi sense does not work when you login with a local account.

Does anyone else finds this breach of privacy as appalling as I do?

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