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I have asked many questions and have gotten good answers that has subsequently solved the problem. I am learning computers at this point and this questions will be simple to all of you but my searches has produced zilch... I want to learn about windows not the siple stuff like how to use a mouse. I need the stuff that allows me to problem solve like resolving wirless settings and after I reistalled the xp os. I had to stay on the phone with dell for two hours and she took me places that was over my head. or applications with software issues. what type of manual should i buy and wnats the name of it.

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Try this site ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to windows
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I liked this one

by IC-IT In reply to windows

Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out - Deluxe Edition (second edition)

Here is an online course (free) that also provides a free online book.

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Dummies, Microsoft, O'Reilly

by TheChas In reply to windows

I would start with the Dummies books. Once you get past the publisher name, they really are good books to start learning any new topic.

Depending on your level and where you want to go, you might try going straight to O'Reilly Publishing, or Microsoft Press.

O'Reilly's Annoyances Nutshell series take you in pretty deep right away. You want to have a good foundation before you get in as deep as these books go.

For a very thorough look into any version of Windows, pick up the Microsoft Resource Kit for that version. Or use the on-line resource kit through the Microsoft TechNet site.

Once you master the basics, the next step is to learn how the Registry works and what you can do with simple edits to registry keys.

If you think of the books in this order, it might help out:

Dummies = High School
O'Reilly and Resource Kits = College
Registry = Grad School


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re: Thanks

by TheChas In reply to Dummies, Microsoft, O'Rei ...

Thank you for the thumbs up and the peer mail note.

May I make a few suggestions for when you are ready to start experimenting with the knowledge you gain.

1. Set restore points before making any changes.

2. Back up the registry files.

3. Back up your system.

4. If possible, setup a play system for experimenting with. This can be as simple as a second boot drive for your main system that you install and use for learning.


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